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29 01, 2013


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This term has come up several times in the last few weeks. I was thinking about several things in my life and as I was walking past my oven in my kitchen for some reason the word came to my mind. New year’s resolutions and change generally cause one to stop and re-think things through. [...]

26 01, 2013

Tax Fraud on the Rise!

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With tax season underway millions of Americans are preparing to file their returns and so are the identity thieves.  In recent years, there has been an explosion of tax fraud in the United States with criminals filing false returns and stealing billion, yes billions, in false or misdirected tax refunds.  Today, tax fraud is the [...]

18 01, 2013

Tax Season Delayed

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The Internal Revenue Service has delayed the tax season for both individuals and businesses due to late passage of the fiscal cliff legislation, the American Taxpayer Relief Act. The IRS will begin processing the vast majority of the individual income tax returns on January 30, 2013. As of today, it is still undetermined when the [...]

16 01, 2013

Benefits of Outsourcing

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounting Department As a CPA firm we have worked with many, many businesses over the last 13 years. Generally, the biggest issue in our world is whether the customer could provide good information to prepare good tax plans or help with a financial strategic plan. A small business owner in this [...]

11 01, 2013

ABCs of Accounting Outsourcing

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The ABC’s of Accounting Outsourcing: 26 Reasons to Outsource in 2013 I am going to quickly give you 26 reasons why you would outsource your accounting to us in 2013. It’s as simple as ABC. A – Accounting issues are not an issue for us B – Build your Business Team C –Customer service oriented [...]

7 01, 2013

Employee or Business Owner?

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Employee or Business Owner, It’s all in the Paycheck? At a conference this summer I attended a panel on entrepreneur CPA firm owners. I believe this applies to all business owners so I apply it to all of us. On the panel, were 3 of my friends and one gentleman I didn’t know but came [...]

3 01, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Averted. Main Outcome of the Act.

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Early on January 1st, 2013, the Senate, by a vote of 89-8, passed H.R.8, the American Taxpayer Relief Act. The Act would prevent many of the tax hikes that were scheduled to go into effect today and retain many favorable tax breaks that were scheduled to expire, but it would also increase income taxes for [...]

1 01, 2013

Contemplating the Great!

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I have spent the last month pouring over the “Good to Great” book by Jim Collins. I study it like one would study the Bible pulling out bits of meaning, defining it and apply it to my life. I have read other commentaries on it some of which don’t believe the hype of the companies [...]