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26 08, 2013

4 Tips for Getting Through an Audit

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…and How a CPA Can Help Most business owners would rather suffer through a root canal than be subject to a tax audit. Even for those who keep meticulous records and adhere to all state and federal regulations, the auditing process can involve weeks of anxiety and tedious red tape. Without professional guidance, most taxpayers [...]

20 08, 2013

Full Disclosure: What to Tell Your CPA

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No business owner looks forward to the chaos of tax season. When you’re already juggling customer service, marketing, and business development, it can seem virtually impossible to make time for preparing your financials. That’s where your CPA comes in. If you think an accountant’s role is limited to preparing and filing annual tax returns, it’s [...]

12 08, 2013

Think You Don’t Need a CPA?

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Think Again. You wouldn’t set off on a cross-country journey without your GPS system—so why risk navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of business ownership without a qualified tax professional to guide you? Considering the proven benefits of hiring a Certified Public Accountant, it’s surprising that a significant number of business owners don’t use one. What’s [...]