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23 01, 2014

The Extreme Makeover: Reinvention

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Do you remember the show Extreme Makeover? I used to watch it every Sunday. It had such a great message of hope for these families who had very little and the whole community came out to support and love on the folks. They combined the love for design and function and decided to help people [...]

15 01, 2014

Basis Is An Important Tax Term!

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Unfortunately, we generally don’t know this term until it’s too late. Consequences require us to remember and then we have heart burn anytime we sell a stock. Yes, it’s important. Why you ask? Because: Basis is the point from which taxable gain or loss is measured Good basis records are required to minimize taxable gains [...]

7 01, 2014

16 Tax Issues Facing Small Business Owners in 2014

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2014 will be a challenging tax year for businesses and higher-income taxpayers. The following issues are concerns that may impact you and your company’s tax liability in the new year. Small Business Health Insurance Credit – The tax credit to small employers (25 or fewer equivalent full-time employees) that provide an affordable health insurance plan [...]