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17 10, 2017

What You Need to Know About the Possible Tax Reform

By | 2017-10-17T20:44:01+00:00 October 17th, 2017|Business Advice, Financial, For CPA's, Tax, The Tax GAB|0 Comments

The Republican members of Congress just released a proposal for their vision on tax reform. This is an issue we’ve been hearing about since Trump’s campaign, and  many of us may be wondering what it means this time around. Some issues have been addressed with more specificity than before, but some issues are still lacking [...]

17 10, 2017

8 Ways to Help Save Money as a Startup

By | 2017-10-17T20:42:18+00:00 October 17th, 2017|Blog, Business Advice, Financial, For CPA's, Hiring, Monthly GAB, new business owner, New employees, Small Business GAB, Starting a new business, time and money savers|0 Comments

One of the most exciting adventures in life is starting a new business. It opens a world of opportunity to extend helpful services and make life easier for those around us. However, in the beginning stages of building a business there are several unavoidable expenses but by following these 8 tips on increasing profits you [...]

21 10, 2016

What Makes the Perfect CPA?

By | 2016-10-21T08:56:36+00:00 October 21st, 2016|Accounting, Blog, For CPA's|Comments Off on What Makes the Perfect CPA?

  How do you know when you've found the perfect CPA for you?What does that even mean? Finances are so important in our current economy and life in general. We work hard for our money and when we have the opportunity to invest and watch that hard work multiply, the thought of making a poor [...]

21 04, 2014

The CPA World is Ever Changing

By | 2014-04-21T16:35:33+00:00 April 21st, 2014|Accounting, Blog, For CPA's|Comments Off on The CPA World is Ever Changing

Back in December, I was invited to attend the AICPA first ever task force for the NextGen CPA Firm. It was my first trip ever to Raleigh, North Carolina which if you know me, I love to travel. I didn't get much time to sightsee. It was a quick trip. On the way there I [...]

10 03, 2014

The Relevant CPA

By | 2014-03-10T10:37:57+00:00 March 10th, 2014|Accounting, Blog, Business Advice, For CPA's|1 Comment

I am pretty involved in my profession. I make it a habit of attending at least 2 conferences a year NOT in Arizona usually sponsored by the AICPA and the Thriveal CPA Network. I am categorized very nicely as a small practitioner in a small firm and I am usually grouped with other CPA’s that [...]

22 03, 2013

More than just tax preparers!

By | 2013-03-22T13:26:44+00:00 March 22nd, 2013|Accounting, Blog, For CPA's, Tax|Comments Off on More than just tax preparers!

I say this every year and I hope that every year it will be better understood that we (this firm) are more than tax preparers. Tax preparation is just a small part of what we actually do and as a CPA firm the expectation is that we plan and provide advice. We help customers through [...]

11 02, 2013

Good to Great…

By | 2013-02-11T07:52:06+00:00 February 11th, 2013|Blog, For CPA's|Comments Off on Good to Great…

Jim Collins, wrote one of the best business books of all time called Good to Great! One of the very first chapters that Jim tackled was First Who… Then What, meaning first you take care of who will be on the bus with you. We entrepreneurs get all excited, think of possibilities, strategize and have [...]

3 01, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Averted. Main Outcome of the Act.

By | 2013-01-03T10:43:12+00:00 January 3rd, 2013|Accounting, Blog, Business Advice, For CPA's|Comments Off on Fiscal Cliff Averted. Main Outcome of the Act.

Early on January 1st, 2013, the Senate, by a vote of 89-8, passed H.R.8, the American Taxpayer Relief Act. The Act would prevent many of the tax hikes that were scheduled to go into effect today and retain many favorable tax breaks that were scheduled to expire, but it would also increase income taxes for [...]

17 12, 2012

You are a friend of mine….

By | 2012-12-17T11:33:16+00:00 December 17th, 2012|Blog, Business Advice, For CPA's|Comments Off on You are a friend of mine….

Yesterday we celebrated our grand re-opening with our Annual Open House to show off our new office! Ed Stolmaker, President & CEO, and Rebecca Kososkie, Membership Director, from the Marana Chamber of Commerce came to do a ribbon cutting! I had the opportunity to say something to my friends, family, customers and my awesome team [...]

5 06, 2012

A No B.S. Book Review!

By | 2012-06-05T07:03:30+00:00 June 5th, 2012|Blog, Business Advice, For CPA's|Comments Off on A No B.S. Book Review!

A Book Review for No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs     This is a no nonsense book review about the book title! Since this is a no holds barred book this review will follow the lead and give it to you straight! Time management! Most entrepuners suck at it!  We waste our time talking around [...]